Vagabond Season 2: When the K-drama Vagabond first premiered on SBS TV in South Korea in 2019, it took the country by storm. The premiere has garnered the highest viewership ratings during all its time slots. Soon after its television broadcast Netflix bought Vagabond’s streaming rights and released it worldwide.

Anyone who has watched season 1 knows how captivating the drama is. Vagabond blends the genres like romance, action, thriller, spy and crime so well and has a great overall story. Vagabond bagged best actor and actress, best supporting role and best couple in SBS Drama Awards, in 2019.

Updates on Vagabond Season 2

Vagabond Season 2 has some chances of happening. But let us just not start dreaming about it yet. The thing about K-dramas is that they do not usually have a sequel or another season. No official statements have been released about season 2 yet but there have been some indirect messages.

The show ends with lots of unsolved questions and a cliffhanger. The lead characters fall in love by the ending but we are left thinking is the ending a happy or a sad one. This cliffhanger was probably made to build anticipation for the next series. This gives us hope for another installment.

Hints are given by the cast:

When asked Lee Seung-gi about the release of the second season, he said that the series is very famous and fans worldwide are hoping to see a sequel. He also said that he wants the story to have a continuation and a proper ending.


The specialty of this series

What made this series so special and make it gain so many fans across the world? The story has quite the usual plot with extraordinary direction and amazing actors. The way that the actors have portrayed the characters so well is highly praised. Director Yoo In-sik has also done justice to his job.

With Korean culture and entertainment gaining international recognition and popularity, K-dramas have also gained quite the viewership and fans worldwide. This drama especially has the most number of viewers and fans. Vagabond was one of the top searched dramas in South Korea during its premiere.

The series was originally scheduled to release in the ending of the year 2018. But it was further pushed back to 2019 due to the pending schedule and the deal with Netflix. This also helped to build anticipation among the audience.

What fans expect from Vagabond Season 2

The first and the most important thing that fans want is to complete the story by answering the unsolved questions and give a proper ending. We would love to see a bit more of romance between the lead characters. It would be nice if they could expose everyone behind the plane crash mystery.

We even want the dilemma of a happy ending of sad ending to the series be solved. Even if the series gets approved by this yearend we would have to wait for another 1-2 years for it to be released. So, it may come out sometime around 2023-2024.

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