Without any doubt, we can say that the series ‘Taboo’ is one of Tom Hardy’s greatest works. We just cannot get enough of him in this Victorian-style series and wish to see him in another installment of this show. His series work started from Peaky Blinders for which he got a lot of credit for. This show was co created by Hardy and his father Chips.

Peaky Blinders continued for multiple series but Taboo has not even released its second season yet. Taboo is a good hit and the second series was confirmed in March 2017. This was just 2 months after the first season was released. It was released on BBC one and FX in United Kingdom and United States of America respectively.

Though we still do not have each and every detail with us, the executive producer of the show, Steven Knight did give out some potential plot details. It was confirmed that the second season will have eight episodes.  Let’s look into all other details below.

When will season 2 come out?

No official announcement on dates has come out yet. Knight told that he had started writing the plot for the second season and was writing it as fast as he could back in May 2017. Even Tom Hardy had officially announced that he would be returning for the second season in 2018.

The delay is mainly due to the covid 19 pandemic and Tom Hardy’s busy work schedule. The actor was last shooting for sequel of the comic-book adaptation Venom: Let There Be Carnage. They finished shooting before the pandemic started but the movie had post production work left. The release dates even got pushed back by a year.

With these delays and Tom Hardy’s busy schedule it looks like the series has to wait for some time. If production starts even by the end of 2021, the series may be released sometime in 2022-2023. These are just the estimated dates; the release may even be postponed to 2024.



The series is set in old 1814 London and follows the main character James Delaney which is played by Hardy. He is a smuggler who returns to his native place Britain after living in Africa for 12 years. He comes back to Britain and is disappointed that his father had not left him much written in his will. The main problem that Delaney faces is with the East India Company and its chief. He tries to kill Delaney throughout the season 1 from which he tries to escape by going to America.

That crazy and exiting ending paves a way for season 2 which Knight says will be “explosive.”  The second season will follow Delaney and his crew’s journey to the ‘new world’ the America.

 Knight has said that he plans to end the show after its Season 3, and called the seasons “the escape,”  “the journey” and “the arrival” for the first, second and third season respectively. This means that the characters might not see America till the end of third season.

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