Gone are those days where people used to spend very less time and play games and carry on with their routine work. The gen-next want to live each and every moment associated with games, people breath games and want to move to the next level without any rest. The internet is filled with huge options to buy and sell game keys.

We all are well aware of the website named G2A, they are literally making millions of bucks each minute. It is the hub for all gaming enthusiasts. People love to buy and sell game keys and activation code from sites like G2A.

 It works as a perfect marketplace and brings together sellers and buyers of game keys in one place.  A website like G2A helps to establish a network between buyers and sellers where they can sell video games, Xbox Live Credit, PNS etc. However, G2A doesn’t sell any of its original G2A games codes.

Many people consider G2A as a huge scamming site and are looking for some trustworthy G2A alternative options. Here is a list of amazing website which works as a great G2A alternative.



The website of Cdkeys is similar to G2A, it provides you with a network where you can sell as well as buy PC games online. In addition to it, you can get access to all the cheat codes and initialization codes without any fuzz. This place is perfect for all gaming enthusiasts, you will never go empty-handed from the website.

    1. The website is very user-friendly and immediately provides the attention.
    2. The quality is super good and the website offers a huge number of PC games to the users.
    3. At sites like cdkeys, you can enjoy a drastic variety of PC games, expansion packs, network cards and subscriptions at a very pocket-friendly price. The best part is the mode of payment, you can pay in almost all payment mode in a hassle freeway.


The site GamesPlanet is websites like G2A, it is another perfect alternative which allows the users to buy and sell game keys. This allows all the features of the player unknown battlegrounds g2a.

  1. You can search among a variety of genes and satisfy all your gaming needs.
  2. The website offers you everything like PC games, adventure, roleplaying, sports, stimulation, MAC games etc.
  3. The cool part about GamesPlanet is, you get to enjoy all latest version of PC games at the earliest.


DLGaming is a super cool substitute of G2A site. IT allows the user to explore a huge variety of genres, Moreover, the website offers regular updates of all the upcoming computer games, roleplaying, sports, strategies, action and MAC games all in one place.

  1. You can easily search the game with the help of multiple filters
  2. If you love the game, you can simply visit the website and explore a wide range of games
  3. Once you create an account gamer can instantly access the best computer games in few clicks.


 GamersGate is another high-quality website which is very similar to G2A, in fact, it was considered as the perfect alternative to G2A but the website is said to be stopped. Now, the domain is also available for sale.
1. The moment gamers enter the website, they could easily access and have the best gaming experience across the globe.
2. It is considered the best distribution channel for all the PC and Mac games.


GamesDeal provides the best experience when it comes to buying and selling the game keys. In addition to it, you can buy and sell network cards, Xbox lives points, subscriptions at a very cool price.

  1. Once you are part of the website you get quick access to all the activation code, PSN code, time cards etc.
  2. The GamesDeal provides gamers with an option to download the online video game from different options like Steam, Origin, and Uplay etc.
  3. After creating an account you can create a wish list for yourself and also add your favourite games.


Greenman Gaming is a synonym to G2A, it is always on the top list when it comes to the best websites to buy and sell game key. The website offers everything to the users starting from the promotional code to steam keys you will get everything here.

  1. If you are looking for PC game keys at a very cheap rate, Greenman Gaming is your dream destination.
    2. Greenman Gaming offers a reward to gamers in order to improve the overall user experience.
    3. You can get keys of games and initialization code along with cheat codes for Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, Mac, and PC.
    4. The website is well structures and users can easily search and sort their perfect options.


Kinguin is surely an addictive website like G2A; you will get all the keys ranging from Xbox, Steam, and Uplay to PlayStation. All the gaming need is compiled into a single website with an excellent user interface.

  1. The gamers can avail everyday flash deals on CS: Go purchases
  2. After every purchase, you are entitled to avail a reward.
  3. The delivery is instant.


OnePlay is highly preferred by gaming enthusiasts to buy or rent video games online easily. In addition to it, the site provides unique options like price slashing savings and much more to make everything affordable for the users. It is a one-stop hub to explore all your favourite video games genre.

  1. Check out the VIP option for 7 days of free trial.
    2. You can cancel the VIP subscription without breaching any contract.
    3. All the VIP members are entitled to receive a flat 10 % discount on all the purchased game.


GamesRocket allows you to enjoy buying all the game cards, console and PC games at a very reasonable price. This site allows the user to get the huge saving option when they are purchasing games. The website GamesRocket has a great online reputation just like G2A.

  1. You can sign up the newsletter and stay tuned to update with new deals and discounts.
    2. The payment system is very safe and secure.
    3. The account creation is fast and checkout is also very quick.


This is again a robust gaming site which allows you to filter and get the best gaming key, code or initialization code. In addition to it, the users can buy a huge catalog of video games all in one place. The discounts at SCD key is lucrative and you cannot resist it. SCD key is again a perfect alternative to the G2A. Gaming enthusiast loves the deals and discounts offered when the newsletter is subscribed.

  1. Frequent promo and the discount code is offered to the users along with the newsletter.
    2. Huge variety of options in almost all platform.
    3. All the formats are downloadable and given instantly to the gamers.

Play all your favorite games with your friends, in addition to it, you can buy and sell the gaming keys without any hassle. These websites are great options available on the internet which also works as a powerful alternative to G2A. These are great options for all the kids as well as adult gamers.

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