The recent increase in the popularity of anime has made it one of my favorite leisure activities. Hence, they appeal to many people due to their quality content, mysteries, thrills, and so much more. Anime fans know this and invest a considerable amount of time watching these series. Numerous series have accumulated thousands of episodes and are still watched by everyone, including Naruto, which has around a thousand episodes.

It is like anime watchers almost have a community of their own, where everything related to animes is discussed including the upcoming episodes and new series, and they endeavor to predict the outcome of future episodes. Afterward, we will talk about the fourth season of Overlord, one of the most famous series of all time.

About Overlord Season 4

In this section, we’ll discuss Overlord Season 4’s release date as well as the details of the season. The anime series of the same name is based on the light novel of the same name. Kugane Maruyama wrote the original story and provided the illustrations for this novel series in 2010. There have been 14 published volumes in the novel series.

There are 17 total volumes scheduled for publication by Maruyama. The author declares, however, that the legend of the novel’s fame will remain unchanged. A manga adaptation of the novel was created by Satoshi Oshio with Hugin Miyama in 2014. On 26 November 2014, the manga with graphic novel elements began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s magazine. Each season had 13 episodes. Madhouse delivered an anime television show that lasted three seasons.

The production has yet to announce the Overlord season 4 release date. As the guests of honor at the Animagi convention in 2019, Kugane Maruyama and Yukie Sugawara, writers of the novel and anime respectively, attended the convention in Germany. We asked them about the details of the fourth season of Overlord. Sugawara said that there is a very high probability of the fourth season happening.

Maruyama didn’t make any comment on the question. When the Coronavirus pandemic struck the production, it was just beginning work on season 4 when it was halted indefinitely.  In spite of this, Overlord’s Season 4 will take place, as confirmed by Madhouse. There is a high likelihood that we will hear about Overlord season 4 before the end of 2021.

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Plot and Story 

For each season of Overlord, a novel series spanning three volumes was examined. Considering that there are currently 14 volumes of the novel, five are remaining to be covered in the anime. Season 4 will therefore cover volumes ten, eleven, and twelve. Towards the Ruler of Conspiracy is the subtitle of volume 10. His kingdom becomes a paradise where all races are welcome, with the protagonist being Ainz Ooal Gown. He became closer to the Empire by turning his attention toward the Adventurer’s Guild as he worked to bring this utopia to pass.

Additionally, the tenth volume includes information about rulers from other countries as well. Whether it’s resisting Ainz Ooal Gown or working to down his newly found nation, they are always plotting something. Ainz’s utopia is being destroyed by the rulers, who are not happy about such a strong kingdom emerging overnight.

The 11th volume of the series is titled “The Craftsman of the Dwarf”. In this volume, Ainz heads towards the Dwarf Kingdom with the sole purpose of searching for the lost rune magic. The two companions he takes on this mission are Shaltear Bloodfallen and Aura Bella Fiora. Ainz discovers that the Dwarf Kingdom is under attack by the demihuman group Quagoa when he arrives there. With destruction on the horizon, the Dwarf Runesmiths promise to assist Ainz with his mission in exchange for his aid in the fight against the Quagoas. Although they are not the strongest of the races, the Quagoas conquered the Azerlisia Mountains as a result.

Facts about Overlord Season 4

This book marks the final volume in the series, entitled “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom”. Volume 3 features Jaldabaoth’s attack. They also managed to demolish the Great Wall of the Holy Kingdom. In the Holy Kingdom, the Great Wall was the source of peace and a symbol of its defenses. An allied force led by Jarldabaoth seeks to destroy the other kingdoms. Ainz leads the Holy Kingdom to destroy the Demon Emperor and his army, following the order of the liberation army.

Season 4 of Overlord will not be made unless the anime made enough money and there was sufficient source material to make a fourth season. Therefore, if it was a loss or Three seasons, a special, an OVA, and two movies remain for Overlord.

The Overlord light novels by Enterbrain are still getting published. It is still early in the story for Season 4 of Overlord, but volume 10 picks up where the anime left off, and fewer books remain to be adapted than for sequels like Classroom of the Elite Season 2 or No Game No Life Season 2. The only problem is the slow publishing speed.

The Overlord Season 4 light novels are available in five different languages. That’s fewer books left to adapt for Overlord Season 4 than for sequels like Classroom of the Elite Season 2 or No Game No Life Season 2. Even so, the source material will not be a problem.

There are no reasons why Overlord Season 4 shouldn’t be announced soon. Source material is available and there are enough sales and popularity to make it worthwhile. If Overlord doesn’t get another season announced between now and 2021/2022, I would be very surprised.


Now rumors are circulating about the fourth season of Overlord. As soon as new information regarding the anime series is released, fans are excited. The fourth installment of this series adapted from a light novel series of the same name has been announced. Three Overlord seasons have been released so far. The series is divided into 13 episodes per season.

To give viewers a rough idea of what’s going to happen next in this series at the end of the first season, the above plot is discussed superficially. Many anime fans had been anxiously awaiting a description of what could happen next in the series, so this was a way to satisfy that desire to satisfy that desire. In any case, it is difficult to predict whether or not this series will continue in this season or even the following one.

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