Ouran high school Host Club, which was aired on TV between Sept 2002 and November 2010, is one of the most humorous and amazing anime series of all time. The first season premiered on Netflix in Apr 2006, with a total of twenty-six episodes and each episode being twenty minutes.

Haruhi Fujioka, who is one of the main characters of the series, is a scholarship student at Ouran Academy. He is also one of the participants of the renowned host club. The plot revolves around this host club and its members. It has been fifteen years since the last release. There was a rumor that season 2 would be releasing in 2016, however, currently it’s dragged in 2021.


The plot of the anime series revolves around Haruhi Fujioka. She is a student at the Ouran Academy who secured a decent scholarship. She is one among the scholars of the academy and he hosts many clubs and focuses on completely different sequences and events.

Her story takes another humorous flip once she breaks a chic flower pot at Ouran High School’s Host Club. She is forced to work for the club to pay her expenses for the broken flowerpot.

On the other hand, she faces another problem within the club additionally. She gets frightened by the male members of the club and faces many conflicts and problems. The superb character development depicts a remarkable plot too. The club member’s choices can cause completely different conflicts and problems in their personal lives. The story takes a romantic turn later on.

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Updates on Ouran high school Host Club Season 2

Almost fifteen years have already passed since the first premiere of Ouran high school; however the viewers still have heaps of anticipation relating to season 2. Whereas the season was earlier expected to be released in 2016 however it’s already 2021 and there’s no progress within the rumor.

There has not been any official update till now, however several audiences predict the next installment to come out in 2021, therefore let’s hope for the best. Season 2 has been pushed back till the end of 2021 thanks to the pandemic. Therefore the release date maybe sometime in the next year.

The plot might take a serious turn in the season 2 as the main characters will be entering the 2nd year of high school. Drama, comedy and romance will ensure in the installment. We expect the characters to start acting a bit more matured and understanding of each other.

There might be a change in the perspectives and personalities of the students.

Season 2 of Ouran high school can presumably have a completely different state of affairs with different plots and can be a lot of pleasant for the audience. There’s a decent probability that it’ll begin production by the end of 2021, consistent with several rumors. Let’s just hope for the best and binge-watch season one until then.

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