Made in Abyss is an anime made from a manga series of the same name. It is full of adventure and action and real cute lead characters. The first season was so good that fans cannot wait for another installment of Made in Abyss. There is good news for all the fans; season 2 release date has officially been released on the series’ twitter account.

The Manga from which the anime is made is written by Akihito Tsukhusi, a Japanese writer. The series is published by Takeshobo’s Digital Platform web presence gamma. A studio named Kinema Citrus had turned this manga into an anime series.

This anime series is a huge overall hit and has a high viewership and lots of fans from around the world.  This anime series is well known for the distinct style and theme it is made in. The first season has also won lots of awards including the anime of the year award.

Release Date and updates

The Made in Abyss team put up a post on its official twitter account giving us the details like the release date, the title of the season and a sneak peak of a character from its manga series.

They have confirmed that the next installment of the series will be coming out in 2022 and has been named “The sun blazes upon the golden city.” This is definitely good news for all the fans. After a long wait of almost 5 years the second installment is coming out. The first installment had come out in the year 2017.

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Overview of past events

In between these 2 installments 3 movies had come out which were made by the same studio. Wandering Twilight and Journey’s dawn were released in 2019 and Dawn of the deep soul was released the next year. The events of season 2 will pick up from where the film Dawn of the Deep Soul had left off.

Other details

Season 2 would have come out in 2021 if not for the Covid 19 pandemic. The season 2 will follow the plot path of the original manga written by author Akihito Tsukushi. Thought the animation studio which is making the season 2 has not been confirmed yet, there are many chances that Kinema is handling the aanimation. It is the same studio which made season 1 and the other 3 movies.

The only things that are different for the English version are the voice actors and the distribution company.  The voice-over artists for the English version are Monica Rial, Lucy Christian and Brittany Loda.


The main character of the series is an orphan girl whose name is Riko. The story revolves around the adventures Riko takes part in Abyss. The storyline keeps us excited to know what comes next.

The second season will also revolve around Riko and her friends as they reveal the secrets that the Abyss holds. Fans cannot wait to see what happens in the second installment. We can definitely say that whatever is planned for season 2 is going to be exciting. We will have to wait till 2022 to watch it.

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