‘ Wise Man’s Grandchild ‘ translated as Kenja No Mago. It is mainly an anime web series mainly focused on martial arts and magic. The first release of the anime was two years ago in 2019. The series aired from April to June in 2019.

The season 1 of this spring anime, Kenja No Mago ran in total of 12 episodes within time April 10 to June 26, 2019.  The anime series brought new content for the Otakus and made many Action magic scenes which made it hit and loved by many fans. This romantic fantasy anime series is a clone or series version of a light novel of the same name. Kenja no Mago’s light. The famous novel was written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka in 2016 which was illustrated, Shunsuke Ogata.

What Is ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ All About?

The story revolves around a Japanese salaryman. This salaryman dies in a car accident. After that, he gets another life, that is he is reincarnated. He is reborn in another world as a child, human. He gets picked up by Merlin Wolford. Marlin Wolford, who happened to be a patriot hero. He gave him the name Shin. The world in which Shin was born, is ruled by sorcery and magic and eventually, Shin turns into a grandson of Merlin and learns Merlin’s teachings.

Season 1 of this web series had its first premiere in April 2019 on AT-X. Soon, it was viewed by Tokyo MX, BS11 on television. Later after this  other Japanese TV channels and networks took the webseries on their platforms. The anime is based on the concepts from the novel eponymous light novel. This novel was written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka, and is set in North America. Another important thing is that the series was licensed by Funimation.

What You Can  Expect In Season 2 Of ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ series ?

We do not have much information about the second installment of the web series Wise Man’s Grandchild. However, we can say confidently that the first season of the anime covered the magical beach volleyball scene.

However, manga Chapter 26 is comprised of additional sunscreen shenanigans, breast suffocations, and delinquent Grandpa fishing, and many other things. We can hope that these scenes get covered for the second installment. As long as the producer will keep us waiting, we’ll be more eager to watch the second season of this web series.


Announcement regarding Kenja No Mago season 2 series

Manga, light novels, and video games have always been a source for anime series. Also these were the same for the Kenja no Mago. It is not at all an exception to any of these things. After its light novel became popular it was selected by the producers for the twelve episodes anime series on television. This anime series is animated by the famous ‘Silver Link Studio’.  The webseries was directed by Masafumi Tamura and was penned by Tatsuya Takahashi.

Kenja no Mago Premise

This anime series made its start in the huge kingdom of Earlshide. Later it focuses on the orphan Shin Walford.

Merlin Walford, the National Hero, and grandfather of Shin are the person who saved this orphan. After this, they gave him all the care that he needed to get a kid. He got all the care from them. Shin displayed talent in magic in his growing years and also martial arts and he devoted all his time growing up with polishing his skills of various habits. But when he became a teenager he lacked a lot of things. That is why he started attending Earlshide’s Magic Academy. There he learned more about magic and also about natural things happening in the world.

The whole series revolves around him. He is the main character of the whole web series. The series tells how he gets better at magic and how he makes new friends. If you have not watched this anime series till now then I would suggest that you better go watch this drama first because you would be missing a great story if you are not at it and a series full of great and amazing animations.

Will Kenja no Mago Have Season 2?

For now, it is hard to say the release date of the second season of the series Kenja No Mago. The magic anime series isn’t renewed for the second season till now. No news has come about its renewal. But we can tell you that it is confirmed that this series will return with the second season as soon as possible. The Producers will say some updates about the release of these webseries.

But if we have to predict the date of the release of the webseries then we can expect Otakus to see the Kenja no Mago Season 2 by the mid of 2021.

The expected cast for the season 2 of web series Kenja no Mago

Season 2 isn’t renewed yet. But still some characters like Shin Wolford (Yusuke Kobayashi), Merlin Wolford (Yusaku Yara), Maria Von Messina (Yuki Wakai), Sizilien Von Claude (Rina Honnizum) are expected to reprise their roles in the second season again just they were present in the first season episodes. They are quite famous among anime lovers.

Is Kenja no Mago Over?

Although Kenja no Mago Season 2 hasn’t been announced yet, it is not over at all. Both the light novel and manga, all of them are still ongoing on television. Therefore, there is enough material to go with season 2 of the webseries . It is only a matter of time until there is an official announcement about the release dates or casting of the web series. Until then we’d just have to keep patience a bit for the producers to announce them officially.

Hope the above article helped you in clearing all the doubts regarding the webseries : KANJA NO MAGO – ‘WISE MAN’S GRANDCHILD’ . However, the first season of this web series was a hit. We are now eagerly awaiting for the second casting of the web series.

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