Haganai Season 3: Haganai (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) or “I haven’t got several Friends” is a tv anime adaptation of the Japanese lightweight novel series of identical name that was written by Yomi Hirasaka and illustrated by Buriki.

The Manga itself is a great hit and therefore the anime area unit is highly wanted by the audience round the world. The series received great positive reviews from fans and critics, and therefore the Brobdingnagian army of the fans is thirstily expecting Haganai Season three.

Numerous fans, not only in Japan but also in alternative countries need to see more of Kodaka Hasegawa, Yozora Mikazuki, and therefore the Neighbors club. Once the season 2 was finished it left fans with tons of discussions and disagreements on opinions because the second season wasn’t finished and therefore the third season has such a large amount of inquiries to answer.

Haganai Season 3 Overview

The Neighbor’s Club is a club based for the creating friends, where wretched boys and girls with some other friends live out their bad lives.Kodaka may look to be delinquent. At least, that is what his fellow classmates appear to suppose because of his naturally-blonde hair. Associate in Nursing and with an unfortunate series of misunderstandings, the boy cannot appear to shake his false name and hasn’t created one friend.

That is, till at some point he overhears the normally-aloof Yozora sky-high chatting with Associate in a nursing notional friend, and discovers that she’s as lonely as he is! In an endeavor to finally meet folks the pair decides to create the “Neighbors Club” and area unit before long joined by variety of alternative fellow misfits like Sena, the busty, well-liked female offspring of the college president of United Nations agency cannot appear to attach with others

While all of them enjoy attending the funfair together, enjoying games, celebrating birthdays, and also the “school festival”—a image of the college life traditional folks live—the relations amongst the members slowly begins to alter. How they overcome these misunderstandings and grow together is shown later.

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Is Haganai Season 3 happening?

The good news is that this show won’t be canceled thanks to its quality and popularity which helped the show creators to earn tons of cash. However one thing is questionable here, why has there been over four years of a gap for the subsequent season to be released?

The anime is prospering largely as a result of many people relating closely to the story and the characters. Kodaka Hasegawa has no friends due to his appearance, and this is one of the things several youngsters find similar in their lives. Season 1 was made from the first four volumes of the novel whereas the second season was made according to the storyline of fifth to eighth volume.

The real reason why the creators stopped manufacturing Haganai is due to the lack of content. The light novel presently has eleven volumes and eight have already been used up. The eleventh volume was released in August 2015. So, does this mean that we can expect the third season before long? As soon as the light novel gets its twelfth volume, the creators can continue creating the show.

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