Dororo is one of the oldest mangas to be written. The manga series used to come in a weekly magazine from 1967-1969, which makes it more than 50 years old! The manga was later compiled and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. The manga consists of a total of 4 volumes.

The manga was later made into an anime series and season 1 premiered on TV in 2019. Mappa and Tezuka Production Company had produced it. The anime was an instant hit because the manga already had a huge fan following. Dororo season 2 is definitely one of the most awaited and popular upcoming releases.

There is even a PS 2 video game based on this story named Blood will tell. It was released way back in the year 2004. The characters of the game are inspired from the original manga and not the anime. It is an overall exciting game where Dororo and Hakkimaru join hands to kill demons.


Though the plot revolves around Hakkimaru, the manga and anime series has been named Dororo. It follows the journey of Hakkimaru, who was born without limbs and facial features, as he goes to kill all the demons to regain his limbs. He was born like that because his father Kagemitsu had offered him to the demons in return for land and power.

He is found in a river and raised by a man who is a prosthetics expert. He later is seen killing a demon by Dororo. Dororo is impressed by Hakkimaru’s skill and decides to follow him in his journey.  Hakkimaru can see the color of people’s soul and sees that Dororo’s soul is green and lets Dororo follow him.

Where can you watch season 1 and 2? 

Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video. Season 1 consists of a total of 24 episodes. There are high chances that the season 2 will also be available on  the same streaming platform.

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Dororo season 2: Release date

Seasons of Anime series usually come out after a bit of gap. And due to this covid 19 pandemic the time between the releases has further increased. Last year it was announced that Dororo Season 2 will come out in October 2021. Let’s just hope an pray that there won’t be any delay in the release.

Plot and predictions of Dororo season 2

It is revealed that Dororo is actually a girl who acts as a boy just to avoid drawing attention to her. We might get to see Dororo and Hakkimaru romance each other in season 2. Dororo might further help people around her to live a comfortable life with the wealth she was given.

There is a bit of change in the plot line from the manga. The main difference is observed in the way the personalities of the characters have been portrayed. There is an added depth to the character’s personalities.

The next installment is likely to show Hakkimaru and Dororo in their adulthood. Fans are already trying to guess the ending, but we will have to wait and see what they are going to do.

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