Marvel’s Daredevil is an exclusive show made for the streaming service Netflix. The plot line is based on a comic of the same name published by Marvel comics. It is created by Drew Goddard and Charlie Cox stars as the main lead.

Daredevil season 4 Overview   

Charlie Cox plays the role of Matt Murdock / daredevil; who was blinded when he was young and works as a lawyer during the day and fights crime at night. He has a heightened sense of smell, touch and hearing which helps him. Goddard was hired in December 2013 and the development of the series also started at the same time.

Netflix released all the episodes of season 1 on April 10, 2015. Just within a year, season 2 came out on March 18, 2016. Season 3 was released on October 19, 2018. The series had got very good reviews and won many awards too. It had higher than average ratings for all the 3 seasons. A spin off was also made named the punisher which is the story of Frank Castle from The marvel cinematic universe, a vigilante who is first seen on the daredevil.

Cancellation of Daredevil season 4

There were many speculations that season 4 would definitely be made even before season 3 was released. It was because the Daredevil had a great viewership and was critically acclaimed. But then why was season 4 suddenly cancelled?

Oleson had also said that he was looking forward to do the fourth season with Netflix. Despite this Netflix canceled the series in November, 2018 after finishing 3 seasons. Shooting for Season 4 was supposed to start in February, 2019.

The first 3 seasons remain on Netflix and are still available to watch.  According to a deal between Netflix and marvel these characters could not appear on other platforms for at least 2 years after the cancellation.

Charlie Cox was looking forward to work on season 4 but this news saddened him a lot. He hopes that he may get to portray this character once again if it is renewed or made into a movie. Netflix’s sudden decision to cancel the series shocked the executives at Marvel. They had already started working on season 4 when Netflix decided to cancel the show and they thought that daredevil would have at least of 5 seasons.


Other Updates on the daredevil

In November 2020 rumors came out the Daredevil would be coming back and appear in Spiderman 3. Disney bought the rights for this show and will likely revive it within the next 2 years. No official announcement has been made about the release date.

Season 4 may come out after the release of spider man 3 which is scheduled to come out in 2022. Sine Netflix has canceled the show; it is highly unlikely that they themselves will revoke the show. Disney+ is ready to host all Marvel shows and already has Wanda vision on their platform.

We may get to see daredevil back on screen within the next 2 years if Disney+ decides to go ahead on it.

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