Buraddo Raddo or Blood Lad, as we know it in English finished in 2016 with its seventeenth volume being released. Blood Lad is one of the most famous and loves dark comedy and fantasy anime. Yuuki Kodama, whose production was this anime, began illustrating it in 2009 in an exceedingly well-liked Manga magazine.

In 2013 Brain’s Base, a studio, created an animated video series of the Blood Lad’s ten volumes of material, as Season one of the series. After the tenth episode, “Blood Lad: I’m not a Cat” was released, all the way back in December 2013. However, that might not keep the fans happy and they have been waiting for Season two since then.

Plot analysis

Fuyumi, one of the main characters, is fighting a tricky battle and wishes the total support of Staz. On the other hand, he himself is facing uncertainty in finding the maze to assist him and Fuyumi reach the Human World. Staz faces a conflict relating to his place within the human world. His henchmen in the meantime aren’t proud of him for his escape approach in governing their territory.

Fuyumi’s resurrection appears to be the foremost hoped-for a part of Season two. This can decide her life within the human realm, once they make it out with success. Staz in the meantime faces a perplexity as Hydra shows an interest in him. He is aware of that they cannot reach the human realm without her help.

Fuyumi dies soon after Staz falls in love with her. She comes back as a ghost. Staz, who is a vampire tries all possible ways to bring back Fuyumi to the human world. Their friends help them in their adventures and to find the magic capable of bringing humans back to life.

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Blood Lad Season 2 updates and predictions

There are no updates from the studio about the release of Blood Lad Season 2. Fans are waiting to watch the animated series of the remaining seven volumes, in Season two.

Season one was a roller coaster ride of emotions and a many vivid expressions. Season two is supposedly known to be crammed with many conflicts and a few components of tragedy before the anti-climax.

The plot could seem to be out of bit with reality. But, that is what makes it worth looking. The OVA that came in 2013, lined some elements from the extra supply material. In an exceedingly volume nonetheless to be custom-made, there is also an entry of Staz’s father.

He’s unknown to several of the characters and fans, till then. His role could get featured additional within the next season (if and once it comes). The battles between the assorted demons from the east zone, west zone, will also take place.

This would facilitate them in creating it action-packed. It would let the creators introduce additional subplots and increase the twists. Let’s hope to that season 2 of Blood Lad comes out soon.

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