The world is going through a challenging phase right now, which has forced most of the countries to go into lockdown. While some people have to wait for the coronavirus to go away to resume their job, some of us are lucky enough to have jobs that we can perform from home. But when you are working from depending on your surroundings, productivity can increase or decrease. The key here is to focus and to be equipped with the right tools. In this article, I have mentioned a few apps that will help you improve your productivity while working from home during this lockdown. Let’s take a look:

Google Drive

If you work in a small company where most of the data is exchanged through pen drives or via a local server, then file-sharing can become challenging when you are working from home. You will have to write a separate email whenever you have to share a file, and that can be annoying. With Google Drive, sharing becomes easier for you. You can upload Microsoft word and excel files and can share them easily. They can also be accessed by multiple people at the same time and are easily editable online. You can also share pictures, videos, and several other files as well.

Soda PDF

Another app that can come very handy when you are working from home is SodaPDF. This app can help you with a lot of things like converting documents, scanning documents, and merging PDFs. Another great advantage of having Soda PDF is that it lets you scan the document with OCR, which means if you scan a hard copy of a document, it will be converted into text automatically. It also allows you to use e-signature, which becomes really handy when you have to sign important documents from your house.


When you are working from home, team communication can get complicated. Slack is designed specifically for official use and has the perfect interface for team communication. You can make different groups and topics and can have conversations separately. You can also share documents easily, which speeds up the process for you. It is also a great app if you work in HR. Slack offers you an attendance bot as well, which allows you to keep track of the employees and their working hours. It also makes it easier for employees to check-in and check-out of work.


Task management can get very tricky when you are working from home. Sometimes it can become confusing to assign tasks to your employees when you are working from home. So to avoid that you can use a task management system like Trello. With the help of Trello, you can create different boards and can add different projects. Then you can add different tasks to the board and assign them to people accordingly. Not only it helps you make task assigning easy, but it also allows you to keep track of your projects. It is also very easy to use and can be learned quickly.

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